Blake Applegate
Ten percent of proceeds
are donated to
The Alzheimer's Association!

Why Blake?

Blake Applegate has been performing magic since he was 12 years old. Blake is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, a.k.a. The Magic Castle. Blake's magic certainly contains the "WOW" factor but his style of performance is his real attribute. Blake focuses on keeping his audience members comfortable yet intrigued. People will be talking about the event they attended where they saw Blake Magic for a long time. Blake doubles as a paramedic by day making him a reliable choice. Blake uses his professions to remind people, no matter how serious life gets you have to have some fun.

Blake lost his father to Alzheimer's Disease in 2004. Blake has always thought about ways to help and give back to humanity. Blake donates ten percent of his proceeds to the Alzheimer's Association. Blake uses magic and mentalism to bring important awareness to people about the most important organ they have. The brain and the mind are so incredibly valuable. Lets use and celebrate them as much as we can.

Contact Blake
818 523-5511


"Blakes magic was unbelievable. He added so much more to our evening then we thought he could have."

     Hidelisa Medina