Blake Applegate
Ten percent of proceeds
are donated to
The Alzheimer's Association!

Blake Applegate - Magician and Mentalist

Core Values

FUN — The cornerstone of Blake's show. People enjoying their time during an event is essential to success. The more fun people have the better your event is.

HUMOR — Blake’s shows aren't targeted to be comedy routines but involve lots of humor. The best type of humor is the kind that presents itself naturally, without force.

INTERACTION — The more people feel they are a part of something fun and exciting the happier they are. People remember your event when they are a part of it.

APPROACHABILITY — A staple of Blakes presentation. The ability to make people comfortable and secure are some of Blakes strongest qualities. Blake has always been thought of "the guy next door."

RESPECT — All people, big or small, are treated with the utmost respect when being dealt with. Eye contact, hand shakes and swindles are all a part of the experience.

FLEXIBILITY — Different people equals different personalities. One must be able to fluctuate in a wide range of energy levels to be able to touch people. Good rapport is essential. Blake experience as a paramedic has given him direction, control, and the ability to adapt and overcome multiple situations.


"You're ridiculous. Come on!"        Ellen DeGeneres